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Pharmacy Services for Assisted Living Residents

Assisted Living is the perfect lifestyle choice for seniors who require a little extra help with day-to-day activities. RXIS is the perfect choice for those seniors – and their families – who want convenient, reliable pharmacy services.

As a leader in institutional pharmacy services, RXIS has established a strong working relationship with many of this area’s assisted living facilities. Together we share a commitment to caring for your loved one.

Unmatched convenience.

We take the worry out of phoning in, picking up and dropping off prescriptions. RXIS takes care of everything including the delivery.

24-Hour service.

Our pharmacy is on call 24 hours a day. That means prescriptions are delivered when they are needed, no waiting until the next scheduled delivery day as with many other pharmacies.

Peace of mind.

RXIS offers much more than outstanding service, we provide family members peace of mind knowing that prescriptions for their loved ones are available when they should be. And without the responsibility of chasing after prescription refills from multiple pharmacies, nurses can focus on the care of residents.

Price matching guarantee.

You will never pay too much for a prescription again. RXIS will match any price from any pharmacy on non-insurance prescriptions as allowed by law.